A Trusted Provider of Hardwood Flooring Services

Moe Alsi, Inc. dba Alsi Wood Floors was established in 1999 by Moe Alsi. Moe worked for many years as a lead installer for one of the finest wood flooring firms in Southern California before starting his own company. Since day one, Moe has built his company by providing excellent customer service, quality craftsmanship and being on every project to manage the process. When you hire Alsi Wood Floors for your project, you’re hiring Moe and his small team of original employees. Moe and his team have been working together since the first day in business. Moe has chosen to remain boutique in size in order to maintain the finest of quality control over every step of the process and to ensure all details are done to the highest quality. Moe’s craftsmanship, knowledge, gentlemanly manner, and ethics stand apart from the rest.

Alsi Wood Floors’ scope of work covers all aspects of hardwood flooring. We welcome all types of hardwood flooring work ranging from a simple sanding and finishing of existing floors, to a custom installation of the most intricate design. Alsi Wood Floors enjoys working closely with interior decorators and designers, architects, real estate firms, general contractors, construction companies and, of course, private home owners.

Our Installation Process

Mask Off to Control Dust

This process consists of covering cabinets, walls, light fixtures, electronics, smoke detectors, AC vents and doorways to areas adjacent to our working areas with masking plastic and low adhesion tape. This process allows us to collect and control 99% of the dust created by our installations, sanding and finishing.

The last 1% of the dust cleaning is done by our team. Our goal is to leave your home as clean, if not cleaner as when it was when we started the job.


Sub-flooring Preparation

This process consists of repairing your subfloor (whether it’s wood or concrete) before we install the floors if peaks or valleys in the subfloor exceed the industry tolerances. The goal is to ensure a flat, clean, structurally sound, and free of squeaks and free of protruding fasteners surface.

We start the process by checking the subfloor with our 8-foot level to detect any imperfections. We consider an imperfection to be any surface with a peak or valley exceeding 1/8 of an inch in an eight foot area. If we detect an imperfection, we will fill the low spots with level compound or other leveling material approved for use under wood flooring (for example, luan plywood).

We complete this very thorough and time consuming processing because it is industry standards and floor manufacturers will not guarantee their product unless this process was completed.

When installing pre-finished floors, if the sub-floor is not prepared to industry and manufacturer standards, your new floors will look uneven and could squeak around sub-floor imperfections.

If you do not properly prepare a sub-floor and install unfinished floors that are sanded on site, the new floors will have gone through a more extensive and deeper sanding process than necessary, which results in a loss of about 60–70% of the life expectancy depending on the condition of the sub floor. For example: ¾-inch solid floors that should have a life span of 100 to 120 years will only last 15 to 20 years if sanded regularly, since they were sanded deeply after they were installed.

Moisture Vapor Barriers

The most common issue arising with wood flooring usually relates to excessive moisture exposure. When wood floor is exposed to moisture, it could create irreversible significant damage such as expansion, cupping, buckling, etc. that could only be remedied, in some cases, by replacing the floor.

We take measures to reduce the amount of moisture that will come in contact with your flooring. Prior to installing wood floors, your job site will be inspected to make sure the current conditions are in compliance with industry standards before installation begins.

If we detect any extensive current moisture conditions which could damage your floor after conducting industry’s approved moisture testing, we will recommend the necessary steps to correct your home’s current conditions and a proper moisture vapor barrier. If conditions exceed the moisture coverage of the moisture barrier products we use, we will recommend water proofing experts.

Sound Proofing Systems

If we are installing wood flooring on the second story of your home or in a multi-family dwelling, we will recommend a sound proofing system or comply with your HOA requirements to reduce the amount of noise transmitted through the floor. There are a wide variety of products to accomplish this in addition to your required sound proofing ceiling assembly since noise transfer from the floor to ceiling below it is dependent upon the entire floor ceiling assembly.

Radiant Heat Systems

Wood flooring can be installed over radiant heat as long as you understand radiant heat and how it can impact wood flooring. If you choose to install radiant heat in your home, we will work with you to choose an appropriate sub-floor system and flooring to accommodate the radiant heating system.


The installation process consists of selecting a method of installation that will fit your current conditions best. Floating, nailing and/or gluing your floors can be one of these methods.

Our Sanding and Finishing Process

Mask Off to Control Dust

This process consists of covering cabinets, walls, light fixtures, electronics, smoke detectors, AC vents and doorways to areas adjacent to our working areas with masking plastic and low adhesion tape. This process allows us to collect and control 99% of the dust created by our installations, sanding and finishing.

The last 1% of the dust cleaning is done by our team. Our goal is to leave your home as clean, if not cleaner as when it was when we started the job.


The sanding process involves using our professional-grade floor sanders to ensure the wood floors are prepared properly (i.e. sanded flat and free of machine marks) in preparing for staining (if applicable) and applying finishing materials.

Floor Filling

After the first sanding of your floors, we will apply a wood filler which matches the wood species of your floors. This process reduces the appearance of gaps, nail holes and any imperfections that come with raw wood, to prepare the floors for the stain and finishing materials.

Color Sample

Choosing a color for your floors is sometimes a difficult decision. To help guide you with your decision we will apply a series of color samples (approximately 18 x 22 inches) which should assist you in deciding which color to stain your flooring.

Our color masters work with many different stains, dyes and oils to be able to help you achieve the best possible color for your flooring.


When applying stain to your floors we will get down and hand stain them. By getting closer to the floor and using our hands, it allows us to detect any noticeable imperfections, repair them during the staining process, and provide for an even color (depending upon the color variation of the floors).


This is the final step to ensure we achieve the most beautiful wood floors for you. We use top grade finishes and oils that are appropriate for high-traffic areas. We typically apply three coats of finish and sand in between each coat to make sure the final product is as free as possible of dirt, dust, and imperfections.

General Cleaning

Keeping your flooring clean will help maintain its beauty and luster between professional maintenance visits. Dirt and grit, when combined with foot-traffic, will wear the flooring’s finish and cause scratches. You can remove dirt from the flooring using a dry, static cling dusting cloth (such as Swiffer or Grab It), vacuum cleaner, or broom. Alsi Wood Floors recommends that if you wipe your flooring with a damp rag, use Bona Kemi Floor Cleaner Concentrate, diluting it according to the instructions on the bottle, then dry the surface with a soft terry cloth towel. Never mop your flooring, as this may permanently damage the finish and could void your warranty.

Vacuum – There are several vacuum models and styles that are suitable for your flooring. Alsi Wood Floors recommends that the unit you select have a long hose with a soft-bristled wand. The model should also have soft wheels, as plastic wheels may scuff the flooring. As vacuum cleaner models change periodically, please contact our Customer Service Department at (310) 204-4000 for specific vacuum recommendations.

Broom – Alsi Wood Floors recommends a soft bristled broom and a soft plastic dustpan to avoid scratching.

Food/Liquid Spills
Food and liquid spills should be cleaned immediately using a cloth lightly dampened with water. If the spill is oil-based, such as grease, and will not wipe up with water, apply a small amount of liquid dish soap or Bona Kemi Floor Cleaner Concentrate, diluted with water, to a rag and lightly wipe the area. Wipe the area dry with a clean soft cloth. If you use soap for this solution, clean small spots only, not an entire floor. Please contact our Customer Service Department at (310) 204-4000 if you have any questions regarding spills.

Professional Maintenance

Alsi Wood Floors are finished with a water base finish that must be periodically reapplied in order to maintain the flooring’s finish. This service should be performed when the “traffic areas” look dry or dull when compared to the other areas. Traffic areas are the sections of your flooring that receive the most foot traffic, and often include hallways and flooring around tables and kitchen islands. In most cases, professional care will be required approximately once per year. However, it has been our experience that the first six months of living on your flooring may be the most challenging to the finish, particularly if the flooring has been installed as part of new construction. This extra wear and tear is usually the result of (1) incomplete landscaping, (2) airborne debris from nearby construction, and (3) continued construction-related work in the home. Moving furniture into a new home can also put greater-than-normal stresses on the flooring’s finish.

Under normal conditions, Alsi Wood Floors recommends that once a year you have a full coat of water base finish coat applied to your flooring. Alsi Wood Floors professionals experienced in water base finishes are available to provide this service. Our technicians have the tools and expertise to perform this method efficiently and thoroughly.

The purpose of maintaining your flooring in this manner is to ensure you have the correct amount of finish protecting the color. If you wear through the finish, you may damage the color, which can lead to extensive and specialized color repair procedures.

Preventive Maintenance

Apply stick-on felt glides to the bottoms of chairs, tables, couches, cabinets, and all heavy objects. These are available at most hardware stores. Do not use glides that require a nail or hard surface to attach it to the chair. These types of glides may wear and scratch your floor. Clean and/or replace the glides on a regular basis.

Alsi Wood Floors recommends the use of doormats in front of your main doors, back doors, and garage entries, particularly in those places where dirt is easily tracked onto the flooring. Alsi Wood Floors suggests the use of area rugs for especially heavy use areas such as in front of the sinks and in hallways. If you are going to utilize a pad under an area rug to keep the area rug from slipping, only use pads made from synthetic materials (such as polyester weave). Do not use rug pads made from latex or rubber, as prolonged contact with your flooring may damage the finish and/or color.

Improperly maintained high heel shoes can cause significant damage to your flooring. Heels that have lost their protective cap, and that have an exposed fastening nail, can exert over 2,000 pounds of pressure per square inch when worn by a 150lb woman. The resultant pressure will cause small dents to occur wherever the person has walked. The exposed nail may also scratch the flooring, causing damage to the color and finish of the wood.

Additional Recommendations
Do not use excessive water on your flooring.
Do not use commercially available hardwood flooring products other than Bona Kemi Floor Cleaner Concentrate.
Do not use an ammonia-based solution to clean the flooring.
Do not use any dust mops treated with any cleaning solutions or chemicals.
Do not drag furniture or heavy objects across your flooring.
Do not use rug pads that are made from latex or rubber; only use synthetic products.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Department at (310) 204-4000 with any questions you may have about your flooring. Our goal is to provide you with the finest flooring available – flooring you will enjoy and be proud to own for many years to come.